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Send Roses To Bangkok With April Flora

Roses have been symbols of love, passion and beauty for centuries and they are , certainly, one of the most popular flowers in the world.

Despite the passage of time, roses can still make any occasion special for the people you love.

Roses are a perfect choice for an Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or any other holiday or event.

The rose has many meanings which vary depending on its colour.

Red roses traditionally symbolize romantic love and a passionate affection.

Pink roses are appropriate to send to cheer a friend up, to say thank you or to celebrate a romantic occasion.

White roses convey respect and may express hope for a better future. Historically, white roses symbolize purity and innocence. That is why white roses are often used to decorate weddings and bridal bouquets.

Yellow roses are a great gift to express the most optimistic wishes and thoughts. These sunny blooms are great to order to toast a friend, lift the spirit of your loved one or to send warm wishes for well-being.

Browse our great selection of roses, with next day delivery service in Bangkok.

April Flora offers roses bouquets in a variety of styles, shapes and colours.

With so many options to choose from, April Flora makes roses delivery in Bangkok easy!

Surprise your loved one with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, hand-crafted by April Flora's professional florists.

April Flora guarantees that your recipient will get the freshest roses that normally will stay for at least 7 days.

However, here are some of April Flora's professional tips on how to make your roses bouquet last longer, so that the one you love can enjoy their natural beauty and fragrance as long as possible.

  1. Remove the leaves from the stems
  2. Fill the vase with fresh room temperature water and add some flower food
  3. Avoid heat and do not place your bouquet in direct sunlight.

Order roses online with April Flora and spread love and happiness. Because flowers say it best! <3